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Development Projects

Note: These projects have currently a status of research project or demo applications. Therefore, they are only available for their initial target platform (Java 1.5 for java code, and Bash shell for scripts).

Feel free to contact Pierre if you think some code could be useful for other developers.

SFelix : a secure OSGi Platform

SFelix : the official web page.

SFelix is composed of following subprojects:

Example of an OSGi Application

ComponentGui, an simple OSGi-based application allowing to load plugin

Basis of the application :

  • GenericFrame (MD5 hash : 3ae2634c10594dbc4dce70fd3dadcbfd)

Available Plugins :

Various scripts
  • md5check, a simple tool (written for bash shell) for verifying validity of md5 checksums (is an alternative to the md5sum -c *.md5); requirements: the file to check (filename) and the file containing the md5 checksum (filename.md5). - md5

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